1-2-3 Book Packs for Schools

If your school or your child´s school is thinking of setting up their own English School Library but is unsure which books to purchase, have a look at this short video and find out all about our latest project called 1-2-3:

Screenshot 2016-03-12 at 14.53.29

Now, if you open the 1-2-3-List, you will see book recommendations for 3 Levels to suit the Dutch Primary School system: Level 1 are books for groups 1-3, Level 2 for groups 4-6 and Level 3 for groups 7-8. These packs have proven to be very popular with Dutch primary schools and I have been asked to provide an additional list. So, here is my Picture Book List 2017 . On this list you will find picture books to suit all groups from 1-8. This list is suitable for schools who have already purchased the 1-2-3 packs (no cross-over) or who want to make a small start with English children’s books.

You will see that my r-2-3 recommendations include children´s books: facts & fiction, picture books & really cool books to motivate & inspire reading in English.

You will find 180 marvellous English Children’s Books to:

  • Promote English Language Learning
  • Support Mixed Abilities
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Complement Classes
  • Run English Book Clubs
  • Assist the ´Kerndoel 14 Engels´
  • Enrich existing English School Library Collections

You will find 180 wonderful English Children´s Books:

  • which can be used inside and / or outside the Early English Classroom
  • which offer a good combination of language, topic & illustrations to suit the young English language learner
  • which offer exposure to authentic English language
  • which provide space to include a wide range English Foreign Language (EFL) teaching skills
  • which provide space for creative and subject-related follow-up activities
  • which create an inclusive school library collection
  • which take different learning & reading needs such as dyslexia into account
  • which are simply very popular and successful
  • which allow more advanced English readers (impats / expats) to have some choices

There are of course many more books I would love to include but I had to make choices. And so I trusted my instinct. I checked each book and looked at it as a mum, an English teacher and as The Little English Library lady.

As with all books, not all books will work for every child and / or every teachers. And so I am sure some titles will be more popular than others but it´s a start. Finally, English children´s books in the Early English classroom need support. Both teachers and children must be given the opportunity to learn about using English children´s Literature.

I hope you like my lists and  if you have any questions, do get in touch – simply email: info@littlelibrary.nl. If you are based in Breda, stop by The Little English School Library at the Montessori + Breda and have a browse, many of the books can be found on our shelves.

And last but not least,  if you are in the Netherlands and are wondering where to source these books (1-2-3 packs or the 2017 Picture Book List), just get in touch with Lynn from the wonderful American Book Center. schools@abc.nl  | http://www.abc.nl