1-2-3 Book Packs

If your school or your child´s school is thinking of setting up their own English School Library but is unsure which books to purchase, have a look at this short video and find out all about our 1-2-3 Book Packs for Dutch primary schools:


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Now, if you open the 1-2-3-List, you will see book recommendations for 3 Levels to suit the Dutch primary school system: Level 1 are books for groups 1-3, Level 2 for groups 4-6 and Level 3 for groups 7-8. You will see that my recommendations include children´s books: facts & fiction, picture books & really cool books to motivate & inspire reading in English.

You will find 180 marvellous English Children’s Books to:

  • Promote English Language Learning
  • Support Mixed Abilities
  • Inspire Creativity
  • Complement Classes
  • Run English Book Clubs
  • Assist the ´Kerndoel 14 Engels´
  • Enrich existing English School Library Collections

You will find 180 wonderful English Children´s Books:

  • which can be used inside and / or outside the Early English Classroom
  • which offer a good combination of language, topic & illustrations to suit the young English language learner
  • which offer exposure to authentic English language
  • which provide space to include a wide range English Foreign Language (EFL) teaching skills
  • which provide space for creative and subject-related follow-up activities
  • which create an inclusive school library collection
  • which take different learning & reading needs such as dyslexia into account
  • which are simply very popular and successful
  • which allow more advanced English readers (impats / expats) to have some choices

There are of course many more books I would love to include but I had to make choices. And so I trusted my instinct. I checked each book and looked at it as a mum, an English teacher and as The Little English Library lady.

As with all books, not all books will work for every child and / or every teachers. And so I am sure some titles will be more popular than others but it´s a start. Finally, English children´s books in the Early English classroom need support. Both teachers and children must be given the opportunity to learn about using English children´s literature.

I hope you like my lists and  if you have any questions, do get in touch – simply email: info@littlelibrary.nl. If you are based in Breda, stop by The Little English School Library at the Montessori + Breda and have a browse, many of the books can be found on our shelves.

And last but not least,  if you are in the Netherlands and are wondering where to source these books, just get in touch with Lynn or Shirley (both speak Dutch) from the wonderful American Book Center. schools@abc.nl  | http://www.abc.nl