X-Mas Updated from Ijburg

Fabulous X-Mas update from Ijburg where Sonya Wilson set up a Little Library project in September 2018. Six schools joined in September and with Sonya’s help have now access to English books in their own schools. The schools also joined the SWAP 20 project which Sonya managed with books generously provided by The American Book Center. It seems another school is about to join – wonderful photos from two schools. What a great achievement. Wonderful achievement and big thanks to The American Book Center and Pernille from the Little English Town Library Utrechtse Heuvelrug and The International School of Amsterdam. 

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Tis the season …

We are ready for this year’s season of love and mincepies … Xmas books are out at The Little Engish Library at the Montessori+ in Breda.

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The annual call …

Not long till all the presents come flying in … so if you are in Breda and are having a Pre-Sinter & Pre-Santa clear-out, do keep The Little English Library in mind. We always welcome books in good condition for children aged 0-12. Both Little English School libraries at the Montessori+Breda & Prinsenbeek have so many new members that your books will be much loved by many children. Books can be dropped off anytime during school opening times at the Montessori+ Breda, just leave them with a note in the library. Many thanks 13


I am very lucky that I have so much lovely support in managing The Little English Library Project and this year, I am particularly lucky as I have a ‘child-librarian’ helping out at The Little English School Library Montessori+ Breda. So let me introduce you to wonderful Holly who has just moved to Breda and attends the Montessori+ in Breda. Holly loves books and has offered to help children with finding books and help us with shelving books during her breaks. Thank you Holly!

Name_ Holly MorrisAge_ I am 6 years old. Holly's favourites_ Food_ So many! There's pizza and ice cream, pesto pasta, (very English) cheese and cucumber sandwiches, and lolipops 🍭 Hob


2018: Friendship

Not long until the yearly national children’s book event takes off in the Netherlands (Kinderboekenweek). This year’s theme is Friendship. As always, I have chosen three English books which align with the theme and have have some nice teaching ideas. You can see my choices / resources in the image and find them online here: https://abc.nl/schools. I have included Imaginary Fred as the Dutch edition is included in the KBW 2018. Any questions, do get in touch. Happy KBW 2018!