Never a dull moment …

After 3 hours of cleaning and re-shelving, The Little English School Library at the Montessori+ Breda looks fabulous again. Books are back in clear categories and all recent donations have been added. Huge Thank YOU to the third year Teaching English Abroad minor student teachers from Pabo Avans Hogeschool who came to help me re-organise over 2500 books. Without their help, I would still be there .

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Back to School

It’s back to school and what better way to start the year with a bag full books. I LOVE book donations – many many thanks for this fantastic collection of books waiting for me  at the Montessori+ Breda. If you too have books you do not need any more, please consider donating them to The Little English Library project. The two open-access Little English School Libraries at the Montessori+ Breda and Montessori+Prinsenbeek support many children and teachers from various local primary schools but also student teachers from Pabo Avans Hogeschool. We also run projects in the Amsterdam Area and Utrechtse Heuvelrug – Thanks Tatia

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Since January …

Busy days since January 2019 … all Little Library projects have continued to grow which is just wonderful and the day-to-day operations of The Little English School Library at the Montrssori+Breda have been taken over by the Dutch library team. This is excellent news and a fabulous step towards creating a comprehensive Dutch/ English children’s school library.  The library has also been slightly re-modelled and more shelving has been added. So thank you for all the donations and do keep them coming.

Otherwise, many other projects have been taking place … Erasmus + and a fabulous facebook project called PEPELT – do have a look.

X-Mas Updated from Ijburg

Fabulous X-Mas update from Ijburg where Sonya Wilson set up a Little Library project in September 2018. Six schools joined in September and with Sonya’s help have now access to English books in their own schools. The schools also joined the SWAP 20 project which Sonya managed with books generously provided by The American Book Center. It seems another school is about to join – wonderful photos from two schools. What a great achievement. Wonderful achievement and big thanks to The American Book Center and Pernille from the Little English Town Library Utrechtse Heuvelrug and The International School of Amsterdam. 

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Tis the season …

We are ready for this year’s season of love and mincepies … Xmas books are out at The Little Engish Library at the Montessori+ in Breda.

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