The last spot …

And this is it: packing up the last Library Starter Pack for a Breda based primary school. Really delighted, all spots on the Little English School Library Project have now been filled. Thanks for the support and interest. Brilliant


Europees Talenlabel

Yeay! The Little English Library has been shortlisted for the European Talenlabel. This year’s theme was ”Language Diversity as Enrichment”. English children’s lit is going places in the Netherlands. The final takes place 4th November during the National Congress for Modern Languages. Thanks & Fingers crossed.


SWAP 20 Breda

Busy day at The Little English School Library Montessori+ Breda. Rosalind who runs the English School Library at De Kring in Rijen is visiting. De Kring is one of the schools that has just joined our Little English School project. Currently their book count is still quite low (around 60 books) and so Rosalind is making use of SWAP 20. Together with her little helpers she is choosing 20 books for the little library members at De Kring.


Kinderboekenweek 2016 at Avans Pabo

And it is time to pack up for Thursday´s 2016 Kinderboekenweek Workshop for Pabo Avans Hogeschool. This time the theme of this yearly, national children´s book event is: Grandparents. So, after a few basics on children’s literature in English language teaching, students and I will be going on a journey to Grandad’s Island. Hope students will enjoy the books.