The REALBOOK Project by Opal Dunn

A few years after starting The Little English Library (TLEL) project, I came across an article on a project called REALBOOK which Opal Dunn started in the end 90s. I was ever so impressed and it felt like this project was the predecessor of TLEL project. So you can imagine my surprise when I was introduced to Opal just a few days ago in Brighton at the IATEFL 2018 conference. What a great joy & honour to meet her in person. Tatia







In Brighton at IATEFL 2018. Have heard some very interesting talks – mine is on Friday, fingers crossed.



Spring display

Today I received a lovely update from Miriam Oliveira and the reading club at the Montessori+Prinsenbeek. Children enjoyed their books and the library so much that they asked if they could help with the spring inspired display. Fabulous!

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What’s in your bucket?

Lovely update from the Montessori Prinsenbeek Little English Libray Reading Club. After reading Billy’s Bucket they worked on ideas what could be in their bucket. After the holiday, they will be working some more with the story.  Wonderful & big thanks to Miriam who runs this Reading Club.

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