Kinderboekenweek in English

Now, if you live in the Netherlands, you will know that the yearly Kinderboekenweek in October is a huge event. Primary schools and town libraries run many fun events to promote reading.

I usually run a workshop for student teachers at Avans in Breda. I choose an English picturebook which links to the annual theme and offer some book-related English teaching activities. As more and more Dutch primaries are interested in including some English titles during this event, I decided to put together some book recommendations for schools and the American Book Center.

2016: Kinderboekenweek2016Recommendations

2017: Kinderboekenweek 2017 Recommendations (1)

And if you are looking at the 2017 scary list and wondering which book could work in which class, I would suggest the following:

Grp 1&2: Parallel Reading & Crafts
  • The Koala who could by Rachel Bright (Laat Maar Los, Koala)
  • Follow-up: Draw / Make a scary animal which surprises Koala?
Grp 3&4  (or 1-3)
Grp 5&6 (or 4-6)
Grp 7&8