The Little English Library is a small not-for-profit English children’s book project based in the Netherlands. The project is now in its 5th year and runs a number of initiatives to support young English speakers and English learners in the Netherlands but also Dutch primary schools and teachers.

By now this project has helped set up around 40 English reading corners in Dutch primaries, runs two open-access libraries in Breda and one Little English Town Library in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. In 2016, 13 Dutch primary schools joined The Little English Library and with a little helping hand, have set up their own English School Libraries.

The Little English Library is mainly supported by the American Book Center in Amsterdam and generous private book donations. As a result of these donations, we are very fortunate to offer children wonderful book collections by predominantly UK and US but also Canadian and Australian authors & illustrators.

As my work involves teaching and research in the field of early English teaching, I also often speak at conferences and help teachers how to use picturebooks for English Language Learning purposes.

It is wonderful to see how this project is being met with enthusiasm and support by both the international and Dutch community, schools, teachers and of course children.  And I am also very grateful for all the support provided by the American Book Center in Amsterdam, numerous international publishers, authors and volunteers.

If you are looking for more information or have any questions, do get in touch.

Many thanks

Tatia Gruenbaum / Founder


Mum of two, Lecturer for English (EAP) and  PhD student at UCL / AVANS PABO

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  1. integratedexpat says:

    This is really inspiring! I’ve been dreaming of setting up an English lending library in the Nijmegen area for years but never got beyond a book swap and the http://www.icon-nijmegen.com “library” (books in boxes in my back room). I’ve got the books; all I need now is the location and the manpower. Congratulations on a wonderful project.

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