The English Reading Club

Since November 2017, we finally have the first English Reading Clubs off the ground. There are different ways of organising this but the aim is for children to enjoy reading in English and leanrning English while they go along. The English Reading Club is underpinned by some basic activities which can be expanded on and adapted to suit the needs of the children in the reading club.

Organised by the librarian during school-time: 

Many schools have volunteer mum & dad librarians. Usually there is always one with a soft-spot for English and who manages the school’s English book collection. In  this case, teachers could select around 6 children who would benefit from a Reading Club. The club meets weekly for 30 min during school time and read & complete activities together. Younger reading clubs might read one book together, older children might decide to all choose their own book.

Organised by the class teacher:

Many primary teachers are now starting to work especially with picturebooks for English Language Learning purposes. In this case, it might be nice to organise a Class Reading Club. Different groups of children work every week for 30min of a different picturebooks. Guided by set activities to develop English vocabulary, reading, speaking & writing skills, children can share their ideas and knowledge.

For the first reading clubs, we have printed some cards for children to rank their books and they are proving to be very popular.


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