In 2016, I started actively supporting teacher education institutions and primary teachers. I started off by adding a resource page to our fb page – a source of ideas of what could be done with English children´s literature in the English Language classroom. However, I felt I could do more to support teachers and their ELT skills.

So, together with ABC, The Little English Library donated around 250 English children´s books to the PABO (Primary teacher education institution) at AVANS in Breda (PABO XPLORA). 


Since then, I have been regularilry been asked to give guest lectures to pabo students during special events or for students studying on the minor Teaching English Abroad at Avans . I also equip these students with children´s books to use during their placement and leave with their host school. Here are some photos I received from students who went to teach in Bonair, Ghana and Slovakia.

Recently, I have also supported a number of students from different Dutch universities working on projects related to English children´s literature.