How to use English children’s books, picture books in particular, for teaching English is probably the question I get asked the most. So to help out, have a look at the following:

  1. Pinterest: The Little English Library has a resource page which can be accessed over our public fb page (special tab) or via pinterest.
  2. Many authors / illustrators have their own websites and offer free printable activity handouts. For example:  Emily Gravett, Steve Antony …
  3. Publishers: Check the publishers, often you can find additional materials for books online.
  4.  Check Teaching Ideas – this website is truly amazing and has countless cross curricular links and ideas for many popular books. Just type in the title of the book in the ‘Search Box’.
  5. If you are in interested in the more academic side of children’s literature, have a look at this free journal: CLELE
  6. The Book Trust is another fabulous resource and for a collection of free activities and e-books, check the Oxford OWL
  7. Great free resource is the rather famous handbook by Ellis & Brewster called Tell it Again! published by the British Council and available for download.
  8. If you are looking for picturebooks on a specific topic, especially emotions, have a look at this wonderful website called Little Parachutes
  9. For simple, fun and very creative book-related ideas for your class, have a look at this fabulous book by an elementary teacher called Book Nerd Mommy