13254336_10154118603401768_3516022030412312626_nSince spring 2016 we are proud supporters of the English for Kids Foundation. We donated some English children´s books to help their volunteer teachers when they go to India, SA or Brazil to teach English.

´´The English for Kids Foundation aims at supporting and encouraging children to learn English, so that they can take part in mutual communication worldwide and to give them the communicative skills and tools needed to share information with others in the broadest sense of the world. The foundation tries to achieve its goal among other things by promoting and supporting projects that can realize aims of the foundation.

We have 6 international projects: Brazil, Ghana, India, Morocco, South Africa and Ukraine. Most members of our teams are teachers or students, all of which are volunteers who visit these countries and realize the EFKF targets in close cooperation with local project coaches by sharing knowledge, developing materials and undergoing teacher training.´´

Here you can see some photos of the books in action, ´Bob Bug´ seems to be a success in Brazil (2016). For more info: https://efkf.org/


And from India (2017)