2018: Friendship

Not long until the yearly national children’s book event takes off in the Netherlands (Kinderboekenweek). This year’s theme is Friendship. As always, I have chosen three English books which align with the theme and have have some nice teaching ideas. You can see my choices / resources in the image and find them online here: https://abc.nl/schools. I have included Imaginary Fred as the Dutch edition is included in the KBW 2018. Any questions, do get in touch. Happy KBW 2018!


Utrechtse Heuvelrug: Little Town Library

School is back and the English books are back too!

7 boxes of roughly 50 books have gone out to 7 local SWAP20 schools this week. I have been able to increase the number of books going to each school using the growing Little Library collection and ABC Bookstore books. The boxes are now full of fantastic books! Managed by Pernille, this project now supports 7 local Primaries.



And the Little English Library Montessori+ Breda is back open for business. I hope children enjoy reading our wonderful books. The shelves are a little ‘packed’ at the moment, bare with us … more shelving and best of all, more books coming soon.

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We have been running our free-book lending programme for teachers SWAP 20 in Breda Montessori+ Breda, in Amsterdam The American Book Center and in Doorn Little English Town Library Utrechtse Heuvelrug for a number of years now. Today I received such a nice message from a lovely teacher called Irene who teaches English in Rotterdam. Every month she would swing by the Breda Little Library to pick up books for her classes and this is what she wrote:

“Thank you for your wonderful service! You’ve got a great variety of books for all ages that I have been able to borrow at any time. Every month I have come to select 20 books for a different group. The students are always eager to see which books I chose for them again! Non fiction, famous series such as the Treehouse or Harry Potter, books about horses, you name it, The Little English Library has them all!”

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Summer in Breda …

And here we go: today we closed The Little English School Libraries at the  Montessori+ Breda and Montessori+Prinsenbeek in Breda (NL) for the summer. It has been a wonderfully busy year for both school libraries. Both schools run a highly gifted department and these children have been reading like there is no tomorrow. For the first time this year, we trialled English reading clubs. They have been a great success and will continue next year. We have also had a constant flow of new library members from all over world and from as young as 2, which is just fabulous. So thanks for visiting and reading so much and a big Thank You also to Miriam Oliveira Merrilee Bloch Schuurman Shirley de Peijper for all the help managing the books and the reading clubs. Time for summer and we will see you in 2018/2019.

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