New Books …

Thanks to private donations, donations by the American Book Center and funding by Avans International School, the shelves at the open-access Little English School Libraries at the Montessori+ in Breda and Prinsenbeek are looking good. Lots of new books have been added recently.

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The REALBOOK Project by Opal Dunn

A few years after starting The Little English Library (TLEL) project, I came across an article on a project called REALBOOK which Opal Dunn started in the end 90s. I was ever so impressed and it felt like this project was the predecessor of TLEL project. So you can imagine my surprise when I was introduced to Opal just a few days ago in Brighton at the IATEFL 2018 conference. What a great joy & honour to meet her in person. Tatia






In Brighton at IATEFL 2018. Have heard some very interesting talks – mine is on Friday, fingers crossed.



Spring display

Today I received a lovely update from Miriam Oliveira and the reading club at the Montessori+Prinsenbeek. Children enjoyed their books and the library so much that they asked if they could help with the spring inspired display. Fabulous!

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