How ‘s it going?

how are weWell actually, The Little English Library is doing really well. In the past 2 weeks we have received sponsorship from a Dutch Higher Education provider, around 60 books have been donated, we have had coverage in the Holland Expat Centre Newsletter and another 7 children have joined. Word is spreading. Hurrah!

Bit by bit, the library is becoming part of children’s lives. We have a  lovely group of mums  who now regularly roll into the Montessori School with their infants & toddlers to browse books and attend various sessions. The Open Library slot is getting busy, new members popping by to register and a very enthusiastic group of English / bilingual children comes running in every Wednesday afternoon.

And then there is of course the use of the library by the children of the Montessori School. And my word, they are doing so well. They are borrowing books, trying to find their level, returning books that are too difficult and giving a different one a try. Their enthusiasm and dedication is remarkable and I really appreciate the support by parents as well as teachers. It just pleases me enormously when I see Mandy Hattink who runs the English After School Club (at Montessori) bringing children to the library for some field research. A library can add so much fun to learning.

Next step – book shopping as soon as the funds have arrived. Christmas come early! Thanks. Tash