The Idea

typedlogoThis is probably the fastest moving idea I have ever had … Less that 4 weeks ago, I read a post on the fb page of the International Women’s Club (IWC Breda) regarding access to English children’s books.

Often, ordering new books seems our only solution. Somehow, while tidying up my girls’ substantial book collection, looking at books we don’t really use any more, the idea of setting up a children’s library suddenly sprang to mind:

  • A free library service catering for the English speaking children and their families living in and around Breda.
  • A library service for the Dutch children learning English
  • A library service for Dutch Expats returning and wanting to maintain their children’s English
  • A library with a collection of books suitable for 0-11 year olds.
  • An old-school library with a library card, book cards and date stamps.
  • A place for children to regularly browse and select their books and get that amazing ‘library feeling’.
  • A library that becomes part of their school week

I first discussed the idea with a few friends and family and then got in touch with the IWC and a member of the International School in Breda. The support and enthusiasm has really taken me be surprise. And with book donation offers already being made, well it’s full steam ahead!

I will be using the blog and fb page for updates, so start following. Thanks Tatia