First Date

monkeysAnd we have our first event. Rosalind’s Breda Monkeys’ Bumps & Babies Group is planning to host their first Rhyme-Time &  Coffee morning at the new English Little Library 20.03.2014  at 10 am. We look forward to welcoming all Breda Mums with bumps, babies & tiny monkeys.

The Little English Library – Montessori School: 

 Jan Nieuwenhuyzenstraat 15, 4818 RH Breda, NL

There is parking around the back of the school, no stairs, easy pram access – the library is on the ground floor. Take  a left once you have walked through the main entrance and you are there. See you then. 

Breda Monkeys Newsletter Q1 2014

Breda Bumps,babies and monkeys is a community for pregnant mothers and families in the Breda area. 
We meet up every week or so at one of the members houses or at a child friendly location in the Brabant area. 
We have a mailing list where each month venues and dates are listed. Please email to join.