The design has arrived …

bib designPatricia Gevers from TIESENCOO has sent through the final design of the School Library & The Little English Library at the Montessori Breda. And it looks fabulous!

Our zone is right at the start of the library and we have now got shelving for at least 800-900 books (probably more as the boardbooks for Tiny Readers will be in baskets). We have also got extra built-in drawers to keep the audio books, checkout book, library cards etc.

The grey blocks opposite the shelving are benches for sitting in addition to the green carpet circles and beanbags. You can look out as the entire front-side of this building is glass.

The carpet circles can be moved and Little Monkey mums & babies / toddlers, if it is a bigger group, can move to the picnic benches where there is plenty of additional free floor space. Also plenty of table / seating space for story telling sessions.

I will reconfirm the opening dates but from what I can see we are looking at mid-march with 20.03 being the first (test) activity session and free access one or two weeks later when the entire library has been completed. Hope you like it as much as I do and many thanks to Patricia and the Directors of Montessori (Carla van Eijk & Monique van Doorn) and Renate Koch who is organising the Dutch side of the library. Thanks Tash

Full pdf file Bieb_DO (3)