The Collection & Dyslexia-Friendly Books

I readWe have got a pretty broad collection of books by now. It covers about 24 categories, some are richer than others. The Fairies and Dinos are doing quite well, Pirates still need a bit of help. So with the little funds that I have, I am now trying to bump up the categories with very few books such as Sports, Countries and yes, Pirates .

I am also working on identifying & sourcing books that are dyslexia-friendly. I have been going through recommended reading lists and we have actually already got a few. I have decided to add the sticker (image) that you can see on this post to these books. So if you see a stamp-sticker like that on a book, you know that it has been recommended by parents of dyslexic children, lovereading or Waterstone’s guide to choosing dyslexia-friendly books for children. Any recommendations or questions, please email me :