Cilip, Dutch National Children’s Bookweek …

bookmark collageSo we have now been open again for 5 weeks … and it’s been busy.  I pop in every day to check that the books are all in place and I can see the movement on the shelves, the overflowing book return box …excellent! Since the start of term we have welcomed 38 new library members. Many are students who have just joined the Montessori + but we also have 2 new members from the NUTS in Teteringen. 

But there is more: CILIP UK – The Chartered Institute of Library and Professional Information. Today I found out that an article written by Helen (Crumbs Publishing) on The Little English Library made it into the September edition of the UK magazine CILIP …yes, we made it across the channel! Helen thanks for pitching the idea and writing such a great article and Inger, thanks for taking such fabulous photos.

And if that’s not enough to get me excited – only one more week until the Dutch National Children’s Bookweek starts and this is such a fun event. Together with Claudette from the Vlinderfabriek (Drama School for kids), the Montessori+ Breda is organising a big, all-day event on Saturday 11.10.2014. I am delighted that The Little English Library has been asked to join in the fun and we most certainly will. This year’s National Children’s book theme is ‘Party’ so I think we, The Little English Library, will be running book reading sessions with Happy Birthday Winnie! Hennie de Heks viert feest in English & Dutch. And I think, together with our talented library supporters, we can organise some fun things to go with the book such as building a birthday cake and making magic bookmarks.

And this brings me to today’s last point – bookmarks. A huge thank you to Rie Bromley who has designed three wonderful bookmarks for The Little English Library. Amazing! And thanks to Angela Shaw, owner of the bilingual daycare Bumblebees in Breda, who is sponsoring the bookmarks, I think they will be ready in time to hand out at the big party. Thank you Ladies.