The British Council NL, 647 and more books …

IMG_20150107_100441_editThe Little English Library has had a good start to the year. Yesterday, I was in touch with the British Council NL. Due to the great focus on English at Primary School Level currently in the Netherlands, the British Council is actively promoting their resources for Young Learners and increasing their links with schools and libraries. As we are based in a Primary School and the majority of our members are English Language Learners, they were very interested to hear about this project. And I think they like it as I have been asked me to send through any information on events, campaigns, news etc and when possible, they will help promote and communicate – hurrah. Thank you.

I am also delighted to announce that I have finally done some counting – see photo of book-take-out forms. And the latests statistics show that 647 books were taken out during this autumn / winter term of the 2014/15 academic year. We now have 192 members from 16 local schools.

And finally books, my word, it is looking good. We have just added another 70 and more are to come. I hear my friend Erica still has a couple of bags waiting for us. Thank you. I have also been asked about adding some French / Spanish books? Well, I might just have to add an ‘International’ category. Many thanks for all your support.