Little Library’s First Posters & Donations

As you know our 2015 campaign is Let’s Read English and in support of this campaign, we decided to donate all the library’s spare English books to local primary schools. Well, as you can see the first Let’s Read English posters are up including one in the Bibliotheek in Haagse Beemden, which is great, thank you Alison. And all the spare books have now been cleared out of my office, hurrah. In the last two weeks, 3 local Primary Schools received around 120 books. And our last donation is going a bit further afield to De Trinoom in Barendrecht. I am now starting a waiting list. Hard to believe that a year after opening, we are able to donate books to Dutch Primary Schools, brilliant –  so please keep donations coming. Meanwhile I have been in touch with a very famous UK children’s book publisher, perhaps we will get some more support …fingers crossed. Thanks Tash