We are 1!

lib 1Yes, this is it:The Little English Library is one year old. And what a year it has been.

On March 28th 2014 we opened The Little English Library with about 900 books and 80 members. Now, we have around 2000 books for children aged 0-14 not counting audio books, magazines and story bags and we have around 250 members from 16 different Primary Schools. Between March and December 2014 around 1100 books were borrowed and returned. My vision was to create a space / service that would support English Speakers and English Learners alike and with nearly 70 % of our members now being English Language Learners, I think we are doing just that.

Book donations are still coming in and for that I am forever grateful – please keep them coming. In February 2015, we were able to launch ”Books in a Box” and have given over 200 of our spare books to 5 local Primary Schools for their school & classroom libraries.

So thank you (children & parents) for your visits, thank you to all volunteers who have donated, promoted, tidied up, covered books, sewn bags and puppets, edited / proofread and written articles and made lovely designs for our campaigns. And a Big Thank You also to the Montessori+, Breda who have opened their doors and given us a wonderful space with free access.Let’s see what this year brings. Tash