Guest Lecture: PABO Avans Breda

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Last week, I was invited to give a guest lecture / workshop to Primary School (PABO) trainee teachers at Avans in Breda. These young teachers had chosen the minor Teaching English Abroad and I was asked to run a session on Using English Children´s Literature in the Early English Foreign Classroom.

There were 12 students present – some were international students coming to teach English at local Dutch (Breda) schools and 5 were heading abroad to Ghana, Spain, Slovenia and Bonair.

I really enjoyed working with these students, they contributed tremendously and so I think we all had a great time. At the end of the lecture the students going abroad, received a bag with 10 new, fabulous English children´s books for their host school and also new teaching material. The children´s books were donated by the American Book Centre and Mandy Hattink from Oxford University Press (NL) donated a large number of their course books and teaching resources to help students during their teaching placements.