National Dutch Children´s Book Week


This year´s National Dutch Children´s Book Week (Kinderboekenweek) runs  5-16 October 2016. Every year this event has a theme and this year it is ´Grandparents´ – Wonderful! Usually the book recommendations for the Kinderboekenweek include one or two children´s books by English speaking authors / illustrators but this year this is not the case. So, I have put together our own list:  Kinderboekenweek2016Recommendations (1)

It is never easy to make a list and no doubt I could have added many more. But, have a look, I am sure you will find a book you like. For many of my recommendations you can find book related activities online e.g Elmer and Grandpa Eldo: Drama or Games & Colouring

There are two books on the list that I´d like to point out. One is the very colourful ´Grandad´s Island´ by Benji Davies. It´s clever, it´s beautiful and there is lots for children to discover and talk about. His picture book ´The Storm Whale´ is CPNB Dutch Picture Book of the year 2017. And the other one is the powerful ´The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas´ by John Boyne. Its 10 year anniversary edition (this year) is illustrated by the very talented Oliver Jeffers.