Global Education Practicum – Teaching in India 2017

Lovely message from Katarina from the English for Kids Foundation who was training 8 volunteer teachers part of the Global Education Practicum – Teaching in India 2017. EFKF is a charity based in Roosendaal (NL) and although my priority is of course getting books into Dutch schools, I love this project and am humbled to be supporting it. The first time I donated books was when Katarina took volunteer teachers to Brazil.  I was so touched that the English books I had donated were the first ones the school had ever received…in the end it´s about the kids and their future. Big thanks this time also to Mandy Hattink-Kennard who passed on some OUP teaching materials to add to my pile of English children´s books.

Dear Little English Library. Thank you very much for the donated books for our English for Kids Foundation volunteering project in India. Today a group of volunteers gathered for the first time, and use the materials for preparing the lessons and projects for India 2017. Ladies love the posters and books at different levels, and they are enthusiastic about teaching books which will make their work a bit easier. We will keep you posted! Namaste! Katarina