When you get, give …

And with this in mind, I think it is wonderful that The Little English Library, even though we are such a small project, has enough books and support that can stretch to let less fortunate children experience the wonderful world of English picture books. As you know we are supporters of The English for Kids Foundation (https://efkf.org/) which accompanies volunteer teachers to teach English in underprivileged areas of the world. In January a group of teachers left for India and here is a short report:

English didactic, text books and English books for children, donated by The Little English Library which were used at our GEP – Teaching in India project for teaching pupils and teachers at the local school and children at the local orphanage, were sent to another school for underprivileged children at Piali Ashar Alo in Piali, village next to Kolkata, India.

Piali Ashar Alo is an educational center that was founded in February 2008 in the village of Piali, near the city of Kolkata.

‘Our school is intended exclusively for children who come from poor and broken families and whose parents therefore cannot enrol them into public school. Girls and boys who do not attend school perform house chores, take care of their younger siblings, work occasional jobs or just wander around. It’s difficult for us to imagine the conditions these children live in. Many of our students have only one parent, others are orphans. Their homes are made of mud and covered with bamboo, plastic or rice thatch. They have no clean water and often no electricity. These children have never owned a toy – they play with pieces of wood, old dishes and perforated tires. Before coming to our school, they have never held a book or used a pencil crayon. Our goal is to provide our students with the tools, opportunities and experiences that are the basic right of every child.’ – Mojca and Anup Gayen, founders