Children’s Book Week

If you are in the Netherlands, you will know that the annual children’s book week is on our doorstep. This year’s theme is ‘SCARY’ and like most years, I have put together some suggestions for teachers and parents who would like to add some English titles to this fun reading event. For the lower levels we have Alan’s big scary teeth by Jarvis, Monster in the Hood by Steve Antony and Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears by Emily Gravett for the older children (Grp 6-8). I have attached some of the follow-up activities – big thanks to Steve Antony for sending the colouring sheet through. Please check here for details & full list of my recommendations. And if your school is looking to purchase any of the titles, get in touch with who stock the titles and always try to offer good deals and school discounts.

 Little Mouse- Collage of Fears (4)


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