I am Yoga

Inspired by a session by Atelierstorytime based on the picturebook I am Yoga (Susan Verde / Peter H Reynolds), I put together a short English-Yoga Lesson for Young Language Learners – quite ‘CLIL’-y for the teachers amongst you. I was kindly invited to teach this lesson in two classes at a local primary school in Breda (Group 3 (6-7 yrs) & 4 (7-8)).

Children were fabulous, so excited when they saw the book cover. We first chatted about yoga, did some breathing and looked at some book-related vocabulary. Then we read the story together and talked a bit more. Finally, we read it again and this time we did the yoga movements as well. We ended the lesson with children drawing their own, new yoga pose and giving it a name. I wasn’t sure what I would get but as always, children surprised me: there is the WOW pose and it was WOW indeed… And with all the CITO end of year exams coming to an end, a bit of yoga can only be a good thing.

Teachers will continue to work with this book, looking at colours, emotions and as a fellow teacher educator (Marieken) suggested, practising and sharing their own poses. Then it really will be: I am Yoga.

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