How ‘s it going?

how are weWell actually, The Little English Library is doing really well. In the past 2 weeks we have received sponsorship from a Dutch Higher Education provider, around 60 books have been donated, we have had coverage in the Holland Expat Centre Newsletter and another 7 children have joined. Word is spreading. Hurrah!

Bit by bit, the library is becoming part of children’s lives. We have a  lovely group of mums  who now regularly roll into the Montessori School with their infants & toddlers to browse books and attend various sessions. The Open Library slot is getting busy, new members popping by to register and a very enthusiastic group of English / bilingual children comes running in every Wednesday afternoon.

And then there is of course the use of the library by the children of the Montessori School. And my word, they are doing so well. They are borrowing books, trying to find their level, returning books that are too difficult and giving a different one a try. Their enthusiasm and dedication is remarkable and I really appreciate the support by parents as well as teachers. It just pleases me enormously when I see Mandy Hattink who runs the English After School Club (at Montessori) bringing children to the library for some field research. A library can add so much fun to learning.

Next step – book shopping as soon as the funds have arrived. Christmas come early! Thanks. Tash


28.03.2014 – Open Day Montessori

openday8 more days until the BIG DAY –  The Montessori School has got their Open Day from 09:00-12:00 and this will also be our opening day.
I will be there so if you are out & about, please come by and I can show you the books and how everything works. Look forward to seeing you. 

Address: Jan Nieuwenhuijzenstraat 15, Breda

Sponsorship / Donations

StickerlogolelblueThe Little English Library is being actively supported by organisations such as the IWC Breda and Breda Expats Monkeys. So far over 500 books have been donated. With the current focus on English at Primary School level (in NL), we are delighted to see how this project is quickly gaining in interest. We are therefore looking at ways to swiftly increase our book collection before the opening in February. We are especially in need of books suitable for dyslexic children, children’s reference books and young teenage literature. 

Please find details for the project attached (link)and if you can help  us to create an English children’s library that will amaze our children and get this young generation excited about books, reading and English, please contact  

The Little English Library in Breda – English V

Follow our progress click here:

Library Design

libraryThursday 23.01.2014

Excellent meeting with the Montessori Directors Monique van Doorn and Carla van Eijk and Patricia Gevers (Spatial Designer) from TIESENCOO who is working on re-designing the school’s library space.

Patricia talked us through her ideas and how and where the Little Library will fit in. Wow! The School Library & Little Library will look amazing. Within our space there will be floor space for Rhyme Time for Mums & Babies / Tods and communal table space for older children to run story telling sessions. Huge thank you! Could have not hoped for anything better!

Montessori School Breda & The Little English Library

library montiA very short post to announce that The Little English Library will be moving into the library of the Montessori School Breda.

I am so excited – the space is wonderful and we will be looking at running story telling sessions,rhyme time, little competitions …. The heads of the Montessori school are very supportive and most interested in supporting Dutch children in their English studies and offering a charming library space to English and English -Dutch speaking children.

The school, library and sessions are open to every child and parent in Breda and surroundings.

We are looking to open 3.02.2014

Book donations ( 0-12 year old) are starting now, email me on if you have any books you don’t need anymore.