Sponsorship / Donations

StickerlogolelblueThe Little English Library is being actively supported by organisations such as the IWC Breda and Breda Expats Monkeys. So far over 500 books have been donated. With the current focus on English at Primary School level (in NL), we are delighted to see how this project is quickly gaining in interest. We are therefore looking at ways to swiftly increase our book collection before the opening in February. We are especially in need of books suitable for dyslexic children, children’s reference books and young teenage literature. 

Please find details for the project attached (link)and if you can help  us to create an English children’s library that will amaze our children and get this young generation excited about books, reading and English, please contact  info@gruenbaumpublishing.com  

The Little English Library in Breda – English V

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