Nearly June…

flo-butterflyIt’s nearly June and May has been an amazing month.

The month of May brought us our first substantial sponsorship. Mr Nies Rijnders, The Dean of ASIS at AVANS Hogeschool (and my boss), likes The Little English Library. ASIS runs English taught BA degrees and he could see the benefit of sponsoring a project which supports English Literacy & English Language Learning at Primary School Level. Higher Education supporting Primary Education – a Dean with vision.

Funds will of course be used to buy books but a little will also go to supporting the Montessori School with the completion of the school’s library space. The school has been most welcoming and generous, The Little English Library is part of their library, so I am delighted that we can now in return help in this final phase.

May also saw Drama Teacher Claudette from the  Vlinderfabriek join one of the IWC Mums & Tots meetings at the Montessori School. Claudette and I had a look at a few books she could use for her English Toddler Drama Session and she decided to go with Rod Campbell’s Dear Zoo. And from what I gather, it was a huge success.

And then there is Mandy from English Just 4 You who runs the English After School Clubs at Montessori. She gave her classes some tasks and sent them down to the The Little English Library for field research. Fabulous. I am sure in time the library and its books will be used more and more to supplement English Language class activities – by Montessori but hopefully also by other local schools.

Finally, you might remember the 2014 School Library Association Inspiration Award. Well, we did not get short-listed but I have been urged to reapply next year. I was sent a lovely email by the director and to see that such an organisation thinks we are doing a good job, means a lot.

So that was May but obviously I could not finish without mentioning Ilse, the little girl from England who had already sent books to us but this time came to personally drop off her books she didn’t need any more. Thank you Ilse.

Now, let’s see what June brings. Thanks Tash