Busy days: MA Research, National Competition …

children libraryAnd yes, it has been busy. End of term for a lecturer (that’s me) is always busy but this time around it has been extremely busy. I only joined ASIS in November last year so there has been a lot to learn.

The library has also been busy. The Rudolf Steiner School in Breda was so kind to mention the library in their newsletter and so more children from the Vrije School have joined, which is great news.  At last count we had children from 12 different schools in & around Breda.

Then there is Elena, MA student in Product Service Design from the University of Delft. Her dissertation is on children’s libraries so she has come to observe children using The Little English Library and carry out a research project. The research project is now in its final phase. She has been working with 4 pupils (8 years +)  of Mrs Danker’s class at the Montessori. In English they have been discussing their library likes and dislikes, favourite books and creating a questionnaire and conducting interviews. Well done and I look forward to reading the results.

The Little English Library has also entered a national competition.Together with the Montessori School we are aiming to win (of course)  the National Competition for Primary & Secondary Education in NL. We need to submit all the evidence by September. Fingers crossed!

And the last point of this post: Book Bags. Yes we are having book bags printed for all our little library members. It’s a great way to know where to keep your library books in the house and a great way to say thank you for all the support this project has received from friends and volunteers. The book bag design will be revealed soon … but I can tell you these bags rock! The design has been created by Rachel, owner of Titch Design. Thank you!