134 & 601

flying book5 months after opening, The Little English Library is now closed for the summer.

If you have been following The Little English Library, you will know that it has been 5 very busy months and 5 amazing months.

We now have 134 library members from 12 schools in & around Breda and 2 daycare centres. Our members go to school at the KBS Petrus & Paulus, Rudolf Steiner, International School Breda, KBS De Driezwing, KBS St. Jozef Rijen, De Grienden, Dr De Visser, Nutsbasisschool DeHoogakker, KBS Laurentius,  De Nassau  and 71 members are students of the Montessori+. 

Our youngest member must be Anna, 7 months old and who comes with her mum Hazel from Tilburg. Hazel has been running a lovely Rhyme time session during the The Breda Monkeys Mums & Tots meet up. Thank you.

Amongst our library members we have a few adults, too – some mums and also day care professionals from Partou & Kober Boie and some enthusiastic teachers from the Montessori.

I have had a quick look at languages spoken by our members and roughly 78 children are Dutch speakers, 35 are bilingual (English-Dutch, Spanish-Dutch, French-Dutch and French-English) and 12 are English only.

So far 601  books have been borrowed and returned and  only 5 books are a few months overdue which is an incredibly low number.

As you know the library works with a self-service check out system so thank you for making it work. Thank you for visiting the library, enjoying the books, taking so well care of them and returning them. And of course thank you to all supporters & sponsors of The Little English Library.

We will be open for ‘business’ again 25.08.2014. Have a lovely summer and see you soon. Thank You. Tash