Story Bags & Dyslexia Support

dyslexia bird purple 2Summer is nearly over and work for the library has begun. I have been busy sourcing resources for story bags. Story bags are a great way to bring books alive. They include the book, puppets and other props to help interpret the book. We were very lucky to get some private funding in for this little project and resources to fill 9 story bags have been purchased.  I have tried to create bags suitable for children aged 0-6.  We have books with puppets and fabulous nursery rhyme puppet gloves. I hope the gloves will be useful for teachers wanting to introduce a few English words and of course for Hazel who runs Rhyme Time for our little ones. If you are looking for more info on story bags, check this link  and check this to see what has been purchased. 

Since opening the library, finding a way of supporting children with dyslexia has been really important to me. We already have quite a few dyslexia-friendly books but I just couldn’t get me head around how to categorise them in way which was accessible but integrated. So now that I have been given some additional shelving, I decided to do some solid research. I have emailed a number of trusts & dyslexia support organisations in England and I am in the process of putting a book list together. I have also found a way of labelling & shelving dyslexia-friendly books. Any ideas or wishes children or parents of dyslexic children should have with regard to what they would like to see in a library to support their or their children’s reading needs, please send me a message.

See you soon.